Translations of Swahili poems “The Donkey Breeder”, “Go Beat On the Hive”, “What Is Mine Is Yours”, “All of It Dies Inside You” and “My Dinghy” by Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy in North Dakota Quarterly (forthcoming)

Translations of Swahili poems “The Dead are Dead Already”, “Mombasa’s Swanky Rakes” and “Your Companion” by Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy in Redactions: Poetry & Poetics (forthcoming)

Translation of Swahili poem “Diving Into the Dry Earth” by Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy in Ezra: An Online Journal of Translation (forthcoming)

Translation of Swahili poem “The Porcupine Left Its Hovel” by Muhammad Kijuma in Plume, along with this translator’s note.

Translations of Swahili poems “Quiet” by Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy and “The Bee is a Scholar” by Mathias E. Mnyampala in Los Angeles Review 

Translations of Swahili poems and songs “Cassava From Jang’ombe” by Siti Binti Saad, “Amina” by Shaaban Robert, “It’s No Big Deal To Catch Fish” and “You Might Walk On Land, Hippo” by Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy, “My Old Dowry Chest” by Abd ai-Rahim Sai’d Muhammad Ba Salim, and “[O tapper of palm wine]” and “The Song of the Trees” by unknown authors in Exchanges: A Journal of Literary Translation

“Samson’s Blues” in The Shore

“God I need your face in mine” in Pandemic Publications 

“Fear Music” in The Inflectionist Review

“Pantoum by Aimé Césaire” in Subtropics

“Things To Try That Might Knock Out the Virus” in Rattle: Poets Respond

“Arrest This Poem” in Rattle

Pantoum by Charles Mingus” in Palette Poetry

“Platypus Milk” in Third Coast

“Biosphere” in RHINO

“Prospect Park” in Relief: A Journal of Art and Faith

“Venus Retrograde” in Minnesota Review

“Pantoum by Frank O’Hara” in Ploughshares

“Bless Me, Editor” in Rattle

“Pantoum Found in Prince Lyrics” in Sycamore Review

“Jonah” in Sou’wester

“David With the Head” in By&By Poetry

“Love in the Time of Trump” in Rise Up Review

“Surrender” in jubilat

“On Miracles” and “This I Know” in Hobart

“Pantoum Found in Jesus’ Son” in Passages North

“Tomorrowing” in Bayou Magazine

“The Beverages” in Gargoyle Magazine

“Pantoum Found in Talking Heads Lyrics” in Gulf Coast

“Prosopagnosia” in Barrow Street

“Pantoum Found in Tom Waits Lyrics” in Willow Springs

“It’s my birthday” in burntdistrict

“Scarring the Linger” in Slipstream

“Pantoum Found in Glass” in The Pedestal Magazine

“Pantoum Found in Eric Garner’s Last Words” in Entropy Magazine

“Pantoum Found in Dylan Lyrics” in Cimarron Review

“Stories” in The Found Poetry Review

“Rare Soul” in Spry Literary Journal

“Hedging” in The Raintown Review

“Songline” in The Emerson Review

“Pantoum by Thelonious Monk” in Booth

“The Anthropologist” and “While looking at some paintings by Howard Hodgkin” in Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics

“Zunguka” in The Baltimore Review

“Pantoum Found in Howl in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Memento Mori” in Strange Horizons

“I Touch” in Foundling Review

“Restless Sabbath” in Los Angeles Review

“Pantoum by Bob Kaufman” in B O D Y

“Kinnings” in Jersey Devil Press

“Pantoum by Leonard Cohen” in Redivider

“God take off your mask” in Painted Bride Quarterly

“The God Zoo” in Rattle

“Some God” in Los Angeles Review (also nominated for Best New Poets 2012)

“Genesis & Exodus,” “Sleepfaring” and “Pantoum By Judith Butler” in kill author

“Heresy” in decomP Magazine

“Dead Man” in Word Riot

“Pantoum Imitating Christ” and “Equinox Blues” in Why I’m Not a Painter: A Gathering of Poems by NYC MFA Students

“The Grape,” “End of the Rope,” and “Bottom of Darkness” (translated from Swahili) appeared in Inventory: A Journal of Translation

“Cracking the Oyster” (translated from Swahili) in Fiasco Press: A Journal of Swarm Scholarship

“Overheard Haiku” and “Pantoum” in elimae

“My Familiar” in Boston Literary Review

“I Read Poetry For the Articles” and “The Content of This Advertisement Blues” in Anastomoo

“a saxophone’s the only thing” in Camroc Press Review

“The Garden” in Foundling Review

“The Algae Blues” in Zygote in My Coffee

“My Taphophile Dreams” in Six Sentences

“All Hallowed Out” in The Catalonian Review

“Joblibs” in Thirteen Myna Birds

“The Best Chaperone” in elimae

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