Monthly Archives: March 2020

some new work

Eek – it’s been a couple years since I posted anything here. To rectify that, I would like to point your attention to two new essays of mine that were published by over the last few weeks – the first, “Teach Me How To Fight” about gentrification and segregation in Brooklyn as my daughter experienced it when she was two years old (I also have a piece in the newest issue of RattleĀ called “Arrest This Poem” that features very similar language, just with line breaks; it should be online sometime in the spring.)

The second essay, as part of their “Letter To America” series, is about my time growing up in Michael Bloomberg’s New York. I hope that going live the day before Super Tuesday will allow me to take credit when his campaign fizzles out at the polls tomorrow.

You can view some other new work by clicking the “Poems” or “Prose” tabs above; I do update those pages more frequently than every two years.