Monthly Archives: March 2023

AWP, No Edges, other new stuff

Somehow I have managed to never attend the annual AWP conference – but this Thursday afternoon I will be on a panel “A Universe with No Edges: Swahili Literature in Translation” together with fellow contributors to No Edges: Swahili Stories (Two Lines Press).

No Edges will be the first collection of Swahili fiction published in English translation, and features two of my translations – a fantastical send-up of the horror genre “A Neighbor’s Pot” by my friend Lusajo Mwaikenda Israel (formerly of the seminal Bongo Flava group Daz Nundaz), as well as the first chapter of Katama Mkangi’s Africanfuturist novel Walenisi (for which I recently won a Pen/Heim grant).

So if you’ll be at AWP, I’d love to see you. Or if you don’t know what AWP is (do I? I definitely never figured out what the acronym actually stands for) then you can just order the book!

I will also be presenting at Montgomery College’s Confluence translation conference on March 25 on “Transplanting Poetic Form: Tending the Roots of Swahili Verse”.

Speaking of Swahili verse, two more of my Muyaka translations have appeared recently at Harvard Review Online, and others will appear soon in the upcoming issues of Bennington Review and Washington Square Review.

And finally, a little over a year ago, Spry Literary Journal was kind enough to interview me as a former contributor. I didn’t notice when the interview was posted back in December (possibly because my name somehow mutated into “Richard Prin”).