“Because: An Etiology” in Potomac Review (also selected to appear in The Best American Essays 2024)

“The Dance of the Spinning Top: Translating Resistance in the Poetry of Muyaka” in Swahili Forum

“The Lapsed Vegetarian” in Potomac Review

“Ten Days To Hold You” in Yemassee as a Monthly Spotlight

“Letter To America” in

“Teach Me How To Fight” in

“My Hangover Killed Lou Reed” in jmww

“Down and Up in Dar es Salaam” in Witness (also listed as “Notable Travel Writing” in The Best American Travel Writing 2020)

“Already Yesterday” in jmww

“Harm Reduction in Dar es Salaam” in Tahoma Literary Review

“Safari Lager and Swahili Hip-Hop” in The Forge Literary Magazine, along with an interview.

“” in Litro Magazine

“Devil Got My Woman” in Harpur Palate

“Love and Death in Dar es Salaam” in Southern Indiana Review

“Finished Sentences in Dar es Salaam” in Portland Review

“Crying For the Razor in Dar es Salaam” in Transition Magazine (also listed as a “Notable Essay” in The Best American Essays 2014)

“Native Freak” in New York Peristalsis

“The Sixth Borough” in decomP Magazine

“The Chaperone” in kill author

“The Mzungu” in Night Train

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